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Song Circus avsluttet konsertåret med julemeditasjoner i Bispekapellet, Stavanger (2016)



Denne gangen er det svenske Nutida Musik som anmelder albumet vårt:


Fem av fem stjerner i The Scotsman!

“the three ensembles closed with a blisteringly visceral account of the budgeoning dissonances of Louis Andriessen’s notorious De Staat. It proved a fittingly powerful, provocative and confident, internationally focused conclusion to sound’s thrillingly ambitious weekend.”…/music-review-sound-festival-aberd…



I Solisti del Vento, Red Note Ensemble, Song Circus
Actor: Jan Decleir and Simon Callow
Conductor: Etienne Siebens

Angela Merkel is a Wagner enthusiast, Barack Obama listens to Bob Dylan and Vladimir Putin enjoys Russian folk music. Still sounds are seldomly a point of concern for politicians. But if choirs can topple a government and symphonies can discourage an army, then music is more than purely pleasure. In ancient China the first emperor of a new dynasty determined which pitch was in harmony with the cosmos. And in his ‘Republic’ Plato regarded only Phrygian and Doric scales to be politically correct: all others threatened the ideal civilisation.

Dutch composer Louis Andriessen took Plato’s text as the initial concept for a cantata which forms a fist against rigid forms of government with energetic rhythms and recalcitrant chords. Andriessen’s ‘De Staat’ (The Republic) is both a accusation against the soulless and suffocating totalitarianism which Plato defends and a reflection on his musical convictions. Andriessen seems to say with his explosive minimalism: everything a composer puts to paper is filled with political, social or religious meaning.

Thereof Mauricio Kagel was also convinced. Everything this Argentinian German composed is a politically tinged mockery of musical history. In ‘Der Tribune’ (The Tribune) – an audio play for political orator, marching sounds and speakerphone – Kagel twists Andriessen’s rhythmical tightness to a virtuously absurdist monologue, soaked with comical rage and disdainful indignation. Demagogy, misleading the people and egotripping are merged with marching band music with oom-pah-pah coppers and tickling woods.

We place both these analyses of the political system – one razor sharp, the other viciously joyful – right next to each other. A new text by writer Dimitri Verhulst to Kagel’s music hurrays the dawn of a new political age with malicious merriment: ‘The future beckons, the sky is clearing and even the roses are turning blue. Tomorrow, tomorrow is mine and yours.’

A production of I Solisti del Vento in collaboration with Red Note Ensemble, Song Circus and Sound Festival with concerts Scotland, Belgium and The Netherlands

With the kind support of: Aberdeen City Council’s Made in Aberdeen programme, Creative Scotland National Lottery Funding, Music Norway and Arts Council Norway





Magasinet har anmeldt “Anatomy of Sound”:

“An extraordinary work. What impressed me immediately is the immensely detailed and microtonal spectrum. A world full of nuances and small gestures that make up one giant musical construction in twelve movements. One can dwell endlessly in this strange world. Complex, and above all utterly beautiful.”

God jul!

Det har vært en veldig travel høst, og jeg har ikke rukket å oppdatere nettsidene enda.
I mellomtiden kan dere kose dere med et lite opptak fra førjulsmeditasjonene Song Circus hadde i Bispekapellet (Stavanger Domkirke) den 21. desember. God Jul!

Fantastisk anmeldelse i Nieuwe Noten!

“A simply unique performance by Song Circus on this album, “Anatomy of Sound”. Years of preparation is presented to us this incredible piece, and in such an exemplary manner. This piece requires an incredible amount of these five vocalists. There is alternately sung and spoken, but the human voice is also used by all other means, literally as an instrument. From whisper soft to icy raw and between all possible nuances, an unreal diverse spectrum of tone colours. A whole fairytale; poetic, terrifying and ghostly time. As a musical poem in which each note will be extremely detailed in the spotlight. Gjertsen’s music sounds remarkably transparent, and his musical language very detailed and full of nuances. This is music that begs to be listened extremely concentrated. Only then his world reveals itself fully…”
NIEUWE NOTEN august 2016

Hybrid SACD and Pure Audio Blu-ray:

Hele anmeldelsen (nederlandsk):

Programmet til Sound of a Cage lanseres 15. august

Jeg kuraterer Sound of a Cage. Triennialen SOAC tar utgangspunkt i arven etter John Cage og hans samtidige, og kombinerer visning av kunst, musikk, design, performance, workshops, foredrag og fagsamtaler. Denne tredje utgaven av Sound of a Cage har hovedfokus på sound poetry.

Sound poetry is an artistic form bridging literary and musical composition, in which the phonetic aspects of human speech are foregrounded instead of more conventional semantic and syntactic values; “verse without words”.
– Wikipedia

sound poetry bilde copy

Cover upsweep-whistle-bloop

I mai gjestet Song Circus Classical:NEXT!, verdens viktigste bransjesamling for klassisk musikk. Det er første gang et norsk ensemble har vært blant de seks utvalgte showcasene. I løpet av tre dager møtte vi et tyvetalls intitusjoner, agenturer, produksjonsselskap, journalister og ensembler innen klassisk musikkbransje. En hektisk seminar- og møtekalender og showcase-suksess i DeDoelen ga oss mye å smile over!
classicalnext tweet

Classical:NEXT om Song Circus:

Norwegian ensemble Song Circus is comprised of five vocalists, and the music they make is thrilling, demanding, and light-years removed from traditional choral music. Thick vocal textures are interwoven with washes of digital sound. A singer’s whisper morphs into a full-throated roar, then yields to near-subliminal mouth percussion. Just as unique, Song Circus’ stage setup surrounds the audience, positioning them within the ensemble so they can act as co-conspirators in the performance.

Under Classical:NEXT presenterte vi også vår splitter nye musikkfilm “Anatomy of Sound”:

classical-next sofie og liv

classical-next stine og liv

classicalnext stine


Konsept & idé: Maja Friis and Liv Runesdatter
Filmregissør: Maja Friis
All lyd fremført av Song Circus (
Komponist: Ruben Sverre Gjertsen
Lyd produksjon: 2L / Lindberg Lyd (Morten Morten Lindberg og Jørn Simenstad)
Produsent: Liv Runesdatter
Filmfotograf: Anders Nydam
Visuell konsulent: Lys og Trolddom / Rasmus Møbius

The video is awailable in different formats and can be customized for screening. The music is originally recorded and produced in Auro 3D.

Contact for screening: Song Circus / Liv Runesdatter –


Upsweep-Whistle-Bloop på Nordischer Klang, Greifswald. Konsept, visuelle arbeider og musikk av Jasmijn Visser og Stine Janvin Motland. Fremført og skapt i samarbeid med Song Circus (Liv Runesdatter, Signe Irene Stangborli Time, Anita Kaasbøll, Eva Bjerga Haugen, Stine Javel). Kostymer av Altinstark (Esra Altin, Samy Celler) og doku-fotografier av Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky
_Q7A5108 copy_Q7A5033


Uforglemmelig, vakkert og opprørende på samme tid. Sterke møter, ikke minst blant mennesker i Askar Flyktningeleir. Voksne og barn som lever i alt annet enn trygghet og framtidshåp, og som kjemper verdighetens og frihetens kamp hver eneste dag. Jeg er dypt takknemlig for at jeg fikk oppleve dette, og gleder meg til å reise tilbake.

Nablus konsert 3Nablus konsert 4Øystein Askar konsert
Askar konsert 1


Anbefaler denne svært gode dokumentaren:

Takk til Nablus Kulturfestival, Nablusforeningen og Stavanger Kommune.

Anmeldelse av “Anatomy of Sound” i franske Opus HD Magazine)

Coverbilde lite SC

Le groupe vocal Song Circus composé de six artistes, Stine Janvin Motland, Maria Norseth Garli, Liv Runesdatter, Anita Kaasbell, Eva Bjerga Haugen et Ronnaug Bakke, est spécialisé dans la musique contemporaine et l’improvisation. Il propose ici deux œuvres, « Landscape With Figures » de Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, sur des textes de Damian Vitanza et James Joyce, puis « Persefone » de Ole-Henrik Moe JR. Ruben Sverre Gjersten a étudié la composition à l’Académie Grieg de Bergen auprès de Morten Eide Pedersen et James Clapperton avant de suivre les Masters classes de notamment Brian Ferneyhough, Klaus Huber, Salvatore Sciarrino, Philippe Hurel. Ole-Henrik Moe JR fit ses études de violon et de composition en Norvège, en France et en Allemagne. Sa rencontre avec Iannis Xenakis, à la Sorbonne à Paris fut, pour lui, déterminante. Comme au temps de la chanteuse et muse de Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian dans les années soixante, c’est une technique vocale nouvelle que l’on aborde ici, faisant la part belle à la virtuosité. Dans une mise en espace particulière, la musique se déploie avec rigueur et force, laissant l’auditeur à la fois spectateur et acteur d’un univers aux repères déplacés qu’il faut reconsidérer à l’aune d’un partage émotionnel totalement nouveau lui aussi. Avis aux amateurs.
Jean-Jacques Millo

Song Circus til Classical:NEXT!

Song Circus er plukket ut som et av seks klassiske ensembler under Classical:NEXT sitt showcase-program i Rotterdam. Oi, oi, oi, så gøy!

“Norwegian ensemble Song Circus is comprised of five vocalists, and the music they make is thrilling, demanding, and light-years removed from traditional choral music. ‘Anatomy of Sound’ showcases the work of two composers, Ruben Sverre Gjertsen and Ole-Henrik Moe. Their pieces are jangled and nervous. Thick vocal textures are interwoven with washes of digital sound. A singer’s whisper morphs into a full-throated roar, then yields to near-subliminal mouth percussion. Just as unique, Song Circus’ stage setup surrounds the audience, positioning them within the ensemble so they can act as co-conspirators in the performance.”