We are happy to announce that «And yet they sing» is being recorded and that it will be released on cd and by digital distribution during winter 2015/2016:

The piece was originally commissioned by ICORN and a part of Kapittel, Stavanger International Festival of Literature and Freedom of Speech and the first première was in September 2013. Music by Liv Runesdatter and poems by Mansur Rajih (Jemen/NO).

Liv Runesdatter (vocals, NO), Mansur Rajih (resitation, Jemen /NO), Abdulrahman Surizehi (benju, Iran/Balouchistan/NO), Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone, NO), Ilmari Hopkins (cello, FIN/NO), Tor Yttredal (saxophone, NO), Violin (TBA), Henning Rød Haugland (piano / percussion, NO), Snorre Bjerck (percussion, NO), Magnus Rød Haugland and Roar Skjelbred (double bass, NO)


This is the world

More beautiful than we want to know

and more delicate

More fragile than we can abide