– a film and sound installation by Eli Glader (film) and Liv Runesdatter (music/ sound) A commition for Sølvberget Gallery, with première under «Kapittel 10», Stavanger International Festival for Literature and Freedom of Speech, September 2010.

A portrait of asylum seekes in transit. Voices in different languages and dialects are abstracted and intergrated as rythmic, melodic and textural elements along with glass percussion and string instruments. The music is composed as a quadrophony (with four sound sources). The respected journalist Trond Borgen wrote a wonderful review, published in Stavanger Aftenblad: «A quiet humanism: Young asylum seekers waiting in quiet isolation and human dignity (…). A music track appears in the room: a sound composition created by Liv Runesdatter. It s suggestive and helps to reinforce the soft, poetic atmosphere. The result is strong: visually, aesthetically, politically, emotionally.»

Liv Runesdatter – concept of music and sound, Eli Glader – concept of film, Jon Garcia de Presno – film editing, Eirik Bekkeheien – sound engieneer

This music excerpt is from the opening of the movie: An old white building surrounded by a beautiful green landscape gradually appears on screen. It used to be a sanatorium for mentally ill people, and today it is hosting immigrants applying for asylum. The classic architecture, the clean, white walls and the shape of the building stands in contrast to the people as they slowly appears on the picture…