2014 is the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, celebrated all over the country. My contribution is the performance «Til Norge» (To Norway). The project was comissioned by Eldrerådet (The Council for Elderly). I invited the Norwegian poet Jan Erik Vold into the project, together with the pianist and percussionist Henning Rød Haugland.

During 25 years Jan Erik Wold has written more political poems than probably any other Scandinavian poets. This year he celebrates his 75th birthday. With a sharp eye and an eloquent tongue he considers the nation and the Norwegian society. Vold is a poet I have returned to many times and it has been a privilege to dive into his authorship again. It is not unproblematic to compose music to lyrics that are so strong in itself. http://www.poetryinternationalweb.net/pi/site/poet/item/21631/17166/jan-erik-vold)

The first premiére of «Til Norge» was at the 9th of May during the MaiJazz Festival www.maijazz.no . The concert was a great sucsess, the litterature house was completely crowded with audience, and the atmosphere was electric. The project is now awailable for booking!

Til Norge bilde øving 1Til Norge bilde øving 3aTil Norge bilde øving 5Til Norge bilde øving 4Til Norge bilde øving 2

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