Sebastian Wemmerløv has reviewed Graatarslagjet on scenekunst.no:

«On the one hand it was possible to perceive the work as descriptive and programmatic, with the sound of the inhospitable wind over the icy water, the screams of a human or animal and the coughing and listening sound of drowning people or ghostly spirits On the other hand, it could just as well be a disinterested nature we heard, completely detached from a descriptive or empowering human gaze. The sound of the hardening sound subtly weaved into the vocal sounds with gentle and gentle overtones and flake notes, responsive played by Britt Pernille Frøholm, elongated, cautious and searing tones were broken by sometimes subtle and sometimes violent vocal gestures.

It was also striking how the relationship between time and timelessness was almost blurred. Condensations and intensifications of textures and gestures, as if something would break out, gave a sense of linear, dramaturgical evolution in time. At the same time, it was also as if the work took place outside of time, where the bodily and extraterrestrial, presence and absence, event and non-event existed simultaneously in a long frozen moment. «