Er det mulig å blande spectral music med Pauline Oliveros og Salvatore Sciarrino? I følge Bjørnar Habbestad og nyMusikk, var det akkurat det vi gjorde, da vi, fiolinist Silvia Tarozzi (FR) og cellist Deborah Walker (FR) urframførte Pascale Critons musikk under Only Connect i mai. Det er første gang Pascal Criton og hennes musikk er fremført her til lands.

I følge «5 against 4» var det en god opplevelse!

«All five performers were involved in Soar II, receiving its world première, and to a large extent the music inhabited a related soundworld to the solo pieces. Close unisons abounded, notes jarring and buzzing in close proximity like same-charged magnetic poles repulsing each other. It was deeply mesmeric, exhibiting an incredible sense of simultaneous tension and rest; yet in almost every other respect the piece was similarly liminal, continuously caught between unison and dissonance, movement and stasis, noise and breath, and at the last, between sound and silence, voices and instruments alike interacting with air to create only the idea of sound, an idea made real in our imaginations. Absolutely stunning.»